Hollywood East goes to MIT

By Thomas Grillo
Boston Herald
November 19, 2008

MIT is going Hollywood.

The school’s Media Laboratory has launched the Center for Future Storytelling with a 7-year, $25-million commitment from Plymouth Rock Studios, better known as “Hollywood East” in Plymouth.

“The idea is to create a fusion between technology and the arts for the future,” said David Kirkpatrick, the studio’s chairman. “It will be the first time ever that talented directors and producers will be working with this new technology.”

While the center is not expected to open until 2010, programs will start immediately between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab and Plymouth Rock Studios. The teams will collaborate to remake how stories are told, from motion pictures to peer-to-peer multimedia sharing.

Research will range from how to merge actors with digital characters to next-generation synthetic performer technologies, such as interactive, robotic or animated characters.

Center research will also focus on ways to revolutionize imaging and display technologies, including developing next-generation cameras and programmable studios and making movie production more versatile and less costly.

Plymouth Rock Studios recently received zoning approval to proceed with plans for a $500 million film and television studio complex slated to open in 2010. The studio promises 14 soundstages and a 10-acre back lot, plus production offices, post-production facilities, a theater and hotel.

Kirkpatrick said he is awaiting word from the state on a $50 million infrastructure bond for road construction and utilities for the project site.

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