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CP CASTING in Boston is seeking men, women & children, of any ethnicity to work as BACKGROUND EXTRA performers on the major feature film “Tire Town” filming in the Boston area between May 2 and June 24, 2022

This is a movie all about TENNIS. We are looking for actors who can portray Umpires, Line Judges, Ball Boys, Coaches, Tennis Players, Tennis Pros, Groundskeepers, USTA Officials, Spectators, Sportscasters, News Media, Ivy League Athletes, minors under 18 who can work WITH their parents, and much, much more.  

Dependable? Interested? Available?

APPLY ONLINE at ONE of the two links below

IF you are *NOT* a CURRENT member of SAG-AFTRA:
IF you *ARE* a current member of SAG-AFTRA:

Please read the entire submission form through, TO THE END, BEFORE filling it out. It is strongly recommended you fill out the form on a computer and NOT a phone or tablet.

Do NOT rush to fill out the form and submit it. You are submitting and asking casting to consider you for paid work. Thousands will apply. Your form should be complete and contain all the info requested.

Can we see what you look like in your photos? Did you answer everything correctly and completely?

Will we be able to easily contact you?

THIS IS PAID WORK ON A MOVIE. You will need to fill out a W-9 Form, and be paid by check sent to you in the mail, after taxes.

CP Casting is specifically hired to ONLY find performers who live in the local New England market.

Posted: 4/20/22


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Do you have a dog or cat who loves the camera? Too cute for words?
Well trained? Great with people? Slate Casting would love to have them in our NEW Set Pet Database. Once your pet is in our database, we can submit your furry friend for auditions for commercials, films and videos. It’s easy. Here’s what you need to do:

Take 1 or 2 digital photos of your pet
E-mail the photos and include your pet’s name, breed, approximate weight and age, and anything unique about your pet you would like us to know
Include your name, cell number and e-mail address
E-mail to
This is FREE to be in the Set Pets Database

We will contact you if we are interested in submitting your furry friend for an audition or job. All pets must be well trained and be able to take simple directions.

And above is Bode the Border Collie! Bode was recently featured in a regional TV Commercial!

Looking forward to meeting your Pets!!

Posted: 7/6/17



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