Bullock nomination spurs interest in Rockport

Rockport Ramblings

By Jonathan L’Ecuyer
Gloucester Times
December 19, 2009

After Rockport starred in this summer’s box office smash hit, “The Proposal,” in the role of the seaside village, Sitka, Alaska, fans of the movie quickly discovered where the romantic comedy was shot.

Even more found out about the film’s true location by listening to lead actress Sandra Bullock gush about Rockport on a late-night talk show.

Now, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has put the film back in the spotlight with a Golden Globe nomination for Bullock’s role in this year’s first romantic comedy hit. And according to local and state officials, the movie and Bullock’s kind words have generated interest in Cape Ann — and especially in Rockport.

“We had many visitors who came to Rockport this past season, at least in part, because of the movie,” said Rockport Chamber of Commerce manager Peter Webber. “Several visitors with whom I spoke at the information booth mentioned seeing Sandra Bullock on either the (David) Letterman Show or Regis (Philbin) and Kelly (Ripa) speak in glowing terms about Rockport and with her experience here while filming the movie.”

Others talked about how they recognized a number of Rockport scenes in the film, he said.
“Ms. Bullock’s favorable comments about Rockport during her promotional tour for the film’s opening definitely gave Rockport tourism a boost this year,” Webber added. We are pleased and very grateful that she had such a positive experience here and that she has so generously shared this with her fans around the world.

“We congratulate her on the tremendous success of ‘The Proposal’ and for her great achievement in being nominated for a Golden Globe,” he noted.

Nicholas Paleologos, executive director of the Massachusetts Film Office, termed Bullock’s kind words a “love letter to Rockport.”

“It’s great news about ‘The Proposal’,” Paleologos said. “She went on and on about how great it was to work there and that it was her first time there.”

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