‘Jersey Shore’ director casts net for Mass. natives

By Tenley Woodman
Boston Herald
The Inside Track
April 13, 2010

From one of the guys behind MTV’s “Jersey Shore” comes the next great reality TV sensation – “Massholes.”

Casting director Doron Ofir, the man credited with discovering the “Jersey Shore” cast, said his new project is not about Massholes – but it could be.

“Everyone is labeling it as ‘Massholes.’ I find that to be derogatory,” Ofir told the Herald yesterday in a telephone interview. “I am looking at this as a love letter to the nation about (being from) Massachusetts.”

Of course, some would argue a show like this could only be hatched by a native New Yorker such as Ofir.

News of the casting call spread over the Web yesterday after the gossip site Gawker posted the casting call, which promises the chosen few will “pahty on the beaches of the Cape where roast beef subs and cases of Narragansett Light are on every Celtics [team stats] towel next to a bottle of baby oil and a can of hair spray!”

The official casting call site, wickedsummahcasting.com, encourages applicants who are “blue collar, hard working, harder partying, tough talking, damn good looking Mass. natives from all over the state.” Notice “excellent driver” isn’t among the criteria.

“The show will be dictated from the casting that comes from it,” Ofir said.

So who will air this Massholes masterpiece?

“We have a network confirmation that will not be disclosed until show is green lit,” he said.

“This show 100 percent has nothing to do with MTV,” an MTV spokeswoman told us via e-mail.

Ofir, a Los Angeles-based reality TV guru, said he was inspired by the McDonald’s coffee ad in which two locals sarcastically test each other’s hometown knowledge.

“It talks about the pride in Massachusetts,” he said.

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