HouseBroadcast Job Opportunity

HouseBroadcast Services Department for the Massachusetts House of Represntatives is seeking qualified individuals for available contract work in broadcast/video/audio production. As a Video Production Technician, one is expected to assist in multi-cast productions as director, technical director, CG operator, audio technician, or camera operator, depending on the particular needs of the given event. Work is per diem and available upon need of services. Submission instructions are below:

Go to
1) Select the Solicitations Tab
2) Select Search for a Solicitation
3) Select the document number field and type in VIDEO
4) Select any blue search key
5) Select the search result link
6) Select the Document Number: VIDEO PRODUCTION TECHNICIANS
7) Select the eyeglass (view) icon
8 ) Select the Intent Tab, and download documents for filing instructions and details of the position

To be considered, applicants must follow document instructions.
The deadline for submissions to the Request for Proposal (RFP) is February 1. 2013.

Refer to RFP at for details.

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