Celebrating female filmmakers worldwide

In honor of International Women’s Day, AudPop invites Female and non-binary filmmakers from around the world to submit their short fiction or nonfiction films, 20 minutes or under. 

How It Works: Filmmakers have until March 17, 2022, to upload and submit their short films. Films are judged by the AudPop content, development, and distribution team. The top five most voted films + the top 5 films as selected by the AudPop team will advance to a finals round. From the finals round, AudPop will select 1st place, 2nd place, and an honoarble mention. The winning film will win $300 + Premium AudPop Filmmaker Status.

Your film may have been previously screened and distributed but must be a new film uploaded to your AudPop portfolio (in other words – new submissions only). 

Films are evaluated based on the following judging criteria:

  • Creativity 
  • Technical Merit 
  • Fresh, Diverse Perspective
  • Adherence to the Assignment

The Women’s Film Challenge Mission:

  • To exalt female-driven stories and the work of women in film
  • To promote and engage audiences to support female filmmakers
  • To encourage emerging talent to continue to create
  • To provide a platform for female filmmakers to find and become role models
  • To build awareness worldwide of the abundance of talented female directors, writers,
    editors and producers in this industry
  • To connect female filmmakers to brands and brand opportunitie

The films will be juried by an industry panel and up to 10 films are deemed the finalists films. The finalists will premiere at AudFest 2022. The global audience will vote on the finalist films for the Audience Award.

Following the premiere, awards will be announced for:

  • Best Film: Jury Choice
  • Honorable Mention (Jury)
  • Best Film: Audience Choice

Entries will be evaluated based on the following judging criteria:

  • Creativity (45%)
  • Technical Merit (30%)
  • Adherence to the Assignment (25%)

The finalist films in this challenge may be used across additional multiple distribution channels. Your film may have been previously screened and distributed. 


Mar 17, 2022 at 11:59am MDT (America/Denver)


Mar 17, 2022 at 12:00pm MDT (America/Denver)


Mar 24, 2022 at 12:00pm MDT (America/Denver)


The winning film will win $300 and Premium Filmmaker Status.



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