Fox Launches ‘Fastrack’ Diversity Program Aimed at Developing Unscripted Producers

Network will select 2-3 candidates to join shows like “The Masked Singer” as associate producers

By: Tim Baysinger | The | December 15, 2020

Michael Becker/FOX

Fox Alternative Entertainment is launching a new initiative called Fastrack that is aimed at strengthening the pipeline of diverse producers.

The program, led by Allison Wallach, executive vice president and head of Fox Alternative Entertainment, will select two to three candidates to join as associate producers on production teams across Fox’s unscripted series including “The Masked Singer.” The initiative, which kicks off with its inaugural class in January 2021, will give the Fastrack associate producers exposure to many facets of production, including casting, directing and editing, among other areas.

The year-long program will provide the candidates with on-the-ground, hands-on production experience, as well as guidance and advice throughout the experience from the FAE team. After six months, the Fastrack associate producers will be able to specialize in one area of their choosing. Upon successful completion of the program, FAE will have the opportunity to potentially engage FASTRACK associate producers to continue working on FAE-produced shows.

“Fox has long been committed to providing viewers with programming that reflects the world in which we live. As we build FAE, we are continuing Fox’s legacy with Fastrack, creating opportunities for underrepresented individuals early in their career,” Wallach said. “Representation on-screen and behind the camera is important to FAE, as well as being able to help guide the next generation of producers that are seeking to place their imprint on popular culture, as they further develop their portfolio of skills.”

“Developing this initiative is an extension of FAE’s commitment to elevate and celebrate the diverse perspectives that our future participants will bring to our programming. It is an exciting next step in building a sustainable talent pipeline from which all of FOX Entertainment will benefit,” said Marsheila Hayes, Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion, Fox Corporation.

Candidates for the Fastrack program have until Friday, Jan. 8, 2021 to apply.



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