Massachusetts Film Community Resources

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Massachusetts Cultural Council:
Cultural organizations across the state are doing their best to keep up with the COVID-19 outbreak and its ramifications. Take a look at some of the resources that can help you.

Massachusetts Production Coalition:
The MPC represents a diverse network of film, television and digital media professionals and businesses throughout the state. Take at look at some of resources that have been compiled that can help you.

Conductor Productions PSA:
Social Distancing PSA: “A Simple Kindness”

Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Assistance Fund
The Pioneers Assistance Fund (PAF) serves members of the motion picture entertainment industry (exhibition, distribution and trade services) who are encountering an illness, injury or life-changing event. All assistance is intended to provide support during a recovery or adjustment period and lay the foundation for a lifetime of ongoing success.

The Motion Picture and Television Fund
The Motion Picture and Television Fund offers a variety of services to provide emotional and financial assistance to qualified industry members.
COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

Still Rolling Initiative
The Still Rolling Initiative was started to support the freelance production community. When sports, movies, and tv shows around the world stopped, so did the entire workforce. We are all feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are looking to help those in our community who are hurting the most.
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