Matt Damon in Camelot

By Inside Track
Boston Herald
February 25, 2010

Buzz up!

Now if you ask us, Matt Damon’s let his Boston accent slide, but he better start brushing up on pahking the cah in Hahvahd Yahd. Because word outta Tinseltown is that the Cambridge homey will star as Robert F. Kennedy in a biopic about the slain senator.

Damon, who is also prepping to play Liberace’s gay lover opposite Michael Douglas as the flamboyant, candelabra-lovin’ piano man, has long been a fan of the Kennedy clan and their left-leaning politics. But the “Invictus” star has script approval before the RFK flick is greenlit, presumably to make sure he likes the way the character comes off.

The screenplay is being written by “Eastern Promises” scribe Steven Knight and is based on the Evan Thomas biography “His Life.” Gary Ross, who made a movie about another historic figure – Seabiscuit – is directing.

The film will trace RFK’s rise from the shadow of his older bro, President John F. Kennedy, his presidential run and his assassination in 1968.

No word on how RFK’s widow, Ethel, and her kids feel about the latest Bobby flick. However, we can tell you that the clan has not been too thrilled about previous projects based on their family history. Do stay tuned . . . .

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