Fans excited down on the set as ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ films in Worcester

BY Cam Jandrow | Spectrum News 1 | May 2, 2024

Joe’s Albums and Music Worcester are boarded up as part of the set of ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City.’ (Spectrum News 1/Cam Jandrow)


WORCESTER, Mass. — People around Worcester getting a surprise this week, as parts of the city are transformed into a hot set for a television show.

“It’s pretty awesome to see this so close to home,” said one fan.

What You Need To Know

Crews are in Worcester as part of filming for ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City.’
Parts of Main Street and Norwich Street were transformed into a post-apocalyptic New York for scenes in the show.
Filming will run through this week and into next.

Many spent the day walking up and down Main and Norwich streets, where the hit show will be filming ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City,’ a spinoff of the zombie-themed program.

“I think it looks amazing, even with the New York subway station across the street,” said another fan. “It looks so realistic.”

The subway station is just one piece of a much larger puzzle turning Worcester into a zombified Big Apple. Little things like street signs were changed, New York City trash bins were spread throughout Main Street, trash and debris were thrown about. To simulate autumn, production crews spent part of the afternoon filling sidewalks with leaves.

Though there weren’t many zombies out and about Thursday morning, it didn’t stop some from heading to the set.

“We got a whole scene set,” joked one fan who was walking down Main Street. “I’m like, we’re walking through the dead.”

The show’s synopsis says it follows the main character in post-apocalyptic Manhattan as she searches for her kidnapped son. Although it’s some serious subject matter, fans of all ages were snapping pictures and taking it in, including 91-year-old Paula, who was joined by her granddaughter Maria.

“This is her first time seeing the scene happen,” Maria said. “But she’s been seeing it for many, many, many years. I had to take her. She loves ‘The Walking Dead.'”

Filming is expected to continue through the rest of this week and into next. Fans say what they’re most excited for is actually watching the episodes and seeing the parts where Worcester is featured.

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