Tax credit critic: Voters are “uninformed people”

Pols & Politics: Hollywood or Holly-wouldn’t?

By Dave Wedge
Boston Herald
September 27, 2009

It seems state Rep. Matthew Patrick isn’t a huge fan of the state’s booming movie biz.

The Falmouth Democrat lashed out in a mass e-mail this week after the film industry’s biggest cheerleader, Rep. Brian Wallace (D-S. Boston), sent out a message trumpeting a poll that showed 64 percent of Bay Staters think tax breaks for movie producers are good for the economy.

“Sorry to rain on this parade of celebrities, but if this was a sampling of the public, it is a sampling of people’s opinions who, in all likelihood, have no way of knowing the facts on this issue,” Patrick sniped. “Therefore the survey is meaningless. Actually, it is worse than meaningless, because (it) attempts to misinform. It is not based on real data.”

Continuing his e-tirade, which was sent to every State House staffer, Patrick said, “Legislators have a responsibility to find out the facts, deliberate and then vote based on the facts, not on opinions of uninformed people.”

Guess he won’t be getting a part in that Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz flick everyone is talking about.

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